What Leads To a DUI Investigation?

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Law enforcement officers will begin a DUI investigation if they suspect that a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  But how do officers come into contact with the driver in the first place?  The most common way is that officers initiated a traffic stop and signaled the driver to pull over.  This requires "reasonable suspicion" that a traffic violation has been committed.  A driver who was speeding, weaving between lanes, rolling through a stop light or sign, driving with expired registration, talking on a cell phone, or texting while driving are all against the law and provide police officers with a reason to pull the driver over.  These are a few examples of California Vehicle Code violations that provide "reasonable suspicion" to justify a traffic stop. Normally, a driver in this situation would received an infraction citation to appear in traffic court.  However, a DUI investigation will commence if the officers observe symptoms of intoxication or smell the odor of alcohol when speaking with the driver.

There are two other common ways that a driver can come into contact with law enforcement officers and become the subject of a DUI investigation.  A DUI investigation can also arise after a driver enters a checkpoint.  DUI checkpoints are locations where police officers are stationed and drivers are required to stop. Officers ask to see the driver's license and make a visual observation to look for signs of intoxication.  If no symptoms are observed, the driver will be allowed to continue driving.  If the officer feels the driver may be intoxicated or impaired, he or she will be asked to pull over to a designated area to the side of the road where a DUI investigation will be conducted.  Also, if a driver is involved in an accident law enforcement officers will frequently arrive to the scene to assist and to ensure that none of the involved persons need medical attention.  If officers suspect that one of the drivers may be impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs a DUI investigation will be initiated.  

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