Airport Courthouse

DUI arrests from the westside of Los Angeles are filed at the Airport Courthouse.  The Airport Court covers a large jurisdiction, including Westchester, Del Aire, LAX, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City, Brentwood, Venice, Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, Culver City, Palms, and other parts of the city and county of Los Angeles.  There are a number of prosecuting agencies that prosecute DUI cases at the Airport Courthouse, including the Los Angeles County District AttorneyLos Angeles City Attorney, and Santa Monica City Attorney.  The prosecuting agency depends on the location of the DUI arrest and/or the severity of the offense.  For example, misdemeanor arrests within the city of Los Angeles will be prosecuted by the Los Angeles City Attorney, while misdemeanor DUI cases occurring within the city of Santa Monica are handled by the Santa Monica City Attorney.  All felony DUI cases, regardless of location, are prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

There are several courtrooms at the Airport Court where misdemeanor DUI cases are held.  The case can be scheduled before Judge Sadler (Dept. 70), Judge Armstead (Dept. 72), Judge Burghardt (Dept. 73), Judge Dybwad (Dept. 90), Commissioner Munisoglu (Dept. 92), or Judge Hall (Dept. 93).  The judges at the Airport Courthouse are fair but also tough on DUI defendants, especially repeat offenders.  It is not uncommon for the judges to order conditions of OR (own recognizance) on people charged with DUI.  For example, a person may have to attend AA classes or wear an alcohol monitoring device (SCRAM).  These conditions are usually reserved for repeat offenders and/or those with an alleged high blood alcohol content.  In certain cases, the court may set bail.  This is rare on misdemeanor DUI's but could happen on 3rd time offenses or those involving probation violations (for example, a person gets charged with a DUI while already on DUI probation on a previous case).  Bail is almost always set on felony DUI cases.  

The outcome of your DUI case will be determined by a number of factors, including the results of the breath or blood tests, the accuracy of those test results, whether or not there was an accident, the driving pattern, the performance on the field sobriety tests, and other evidence related to alcohol or drug impairment.  If you have been arrested for DUI and charges have been filed against you at the Airport Courthouse, CONTACT our office today for a free and confidential consultation.  DUI Lawyer Robert D. Berglund will personally call you to discuss your case.  Berglund Law Office, P.C. specializes in representing individuals arrested for DUI.  

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